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22 Feb - 26 Mar, 2023

Building, learning and bonding for Planet Earth

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Who are we?

ReFi India

A voluntary co-op of organizations and individual experts who are passionate about solving climate crisis by building solutions at the intersection of engineering and finance

WTF Series

What is ReFi?

Regenerative (Re) Finance (Fi)

A new bold way of reimagining economies. 

A philosophy rooted in planet, preservation and profits in that order


A bold movement at redefining Value.

Regenerative finance or ReFi is a movement bridging the gap between regeneration of natural ecosystems and economic prosperity.

What if we live in a world where regeneration (aka preservation) is as valuable as profits? Such a world is what we are building,  with Mission-driven communities


Communities leveraging blockchain technology to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and social injustice.

ReFi India

India is at the epicenter of humanity's fight against rising climate change. India is home to 1 in 7 humans in the world and contain some of the most diverse and valuable bio regions in the world. 

ReFi India is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators building the future of regenerative finance in India. Read on to explore some of the projects being built from India for the Globe. 

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India is home to a rising wave of ReFi projects building at the intersection of climate change and blockchain technology. 

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MRV Foundation


ReFi By South


Solarpunk DAO

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Previous Events

ReFi India is on a mission to spread the possibilities in ReFi to accelerate climate and impact project. Our fullfill our mission by hosting events across the country, acting as a hub for talent, entrepreneurs and investors to connect and build a more greener and regenerative future. 

ReFi India Summit

Date: Dec 01, 2022

Location: Bangalore Creative Circus, Bengaluru

Attendees: 115

Speaker: 22

Projects: 06

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