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Imagine saving the planet and having the time of your life. The GreenPill Festival is a one-of-a-kind 30 day long global event that brings together individuals who are passionate about tackling climate change head-on.


But that's not all - the festival culminates in an epic, five-day finale on the exotic beaches of Gokarna on March 22-26,2023. 


 Join us and you'll have the opportunity to win rewards from climate hackathons, level up with climate workshops, and even fund the most innovative climate startups.

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Collaborate and Celebrate for Earth

The festival is a melting pot of builders, entrepreneurs, and investors all working together to solve the climate crisis.


So come, build, learn, collaborate,

and have a blast with us.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Register for your spot now!

Programme Highlights

Online: Feb 22to March 21 

IRL Finale: March 22 to March 26, 2023'

GreenPill Hackathon

Designed to discover the brightest minds that can build and create valuable solutions to climate and social impact opportunities 

Regeneration Masterclass

Designed to upskill founders with all possible upgrades, from climate science masterclass to focus groups and access to mission aligned investors


Unwind after some intense green pilling session with music from talented Indian musicians and artists 

Celebrate with climate heroes, a memorable time by the beach.


Curated events to maximize networking. Speed dating for investors, founder and builders. 


Demo days and curated match making, possibilities are endless. 

Day 1 : Check Ins and Ice breaker. Networking & Dinner by beachside

Day 2 : Hackathon , Workshop, Networking events

Day 3 : Hackathon & Workshop, Fireside Chat & Dinner

Day 4 : Demo Day & Sundowner Music Concert

Day 5 : Retreat & Farewell Lunch


Book your tickets 

  • $25,000 Prize Pool

  • Get Hired by Climatech & ReFi projects

  • IRL benefits:
    Hackathon with a view

  • Music Concert Ticket

  • Stay & Meals  

  • Regen Goodie Bags 

  • Curated GreenPill Sessions by experts

  • Demo Day & Fundraiser networking events

  • Pitch Day & Roundtables

  • Networking with Talent/Investors 

  • Music Concert Ticket

  • Stay, Food & Travel 

  • Alpha into climate opportunities 

  • Network with talent, founders and experts

  • Curated Matchmaking, speed dating with founder & builders

  • Deep industry insights 

  • Build your thesis to fund climate change

Want to partner?

Here are some ways you can:

1. Sponsor the event. We shill your good heart 

2. Fund a hackathon track - tell us about a climate solution you want to see built. 

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